Sunday, December 6, 2009

goodbye sweet sour & spicy...

i've been having stomach ache n diarrhea since september. at first i thought it was food poisoning. i took traditional medication but it did not cure. frens urged me to see doctor but i declined for some reasons.

just b4 the ultimate final exam i found out that spicy food was one of the causes. confirmed! can u imagine how hard for me to accept it n convince myself that i must stop eating spicy food? it was a painful fact. im a malay. i like spicy food.

i got no choice. for the sake of the exam i tried avoiding spicy food. i ate porridge almost every day. huhu eventually, i lost my appetite. when i saw food that i used to love i did x feel like eating n i did x hungry at all. i ate very little just to avoid gastric. the 1st week of the final exam i lost 3kgs. then i began to worry.

after the final exam i lost another 2kgs. at law grad dinner i ate like a skinny anorexia. the food wasnt spicy but i did x have appetite. the rm50 i paid for the dinner was unworthy! deep inside i hate seeing my frens enjoying their meals!

at home all the pain n diarrhea gone. i got back my appetite. yey!!!!!!!

unfortunetly, early this week it came back n it's getting worse. i finally went to the hospital. alhamdulillah now i feel better. diarrhea stops but not the stomach pain. it's not bcoz of the medication prescribed totally. it's becoz of this decision i've made. the most difficult one.

after all of these sufferings, i finally realize n accept it. i want to be healthy. coz i have the rest of my life to go thru. i have no idea how long it's going to be but know life is sweet sour & spicy too.

so, goodbye sweet sour n spicy food...

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